Account & Project Manager


You are a smart, extremely well-spoken and experienced pro that wants to join us, a creative agency that cares deeply about creating high quality work we feel proud of.

A bit more about you...

You should be a proactive person with a positive attitude. There are many tasks and challenges to solve in a smaller team, and it's quite likely difficult to put your job description neatly in a defined box. Our team needs to actively work together to solve problems, and work efficiently using collaboration tools like Slack, Notion, and Google Drive. You should be able to single-handedly turn new leads into paid projects.

A day on the job may include...

– writing emails, making calls, or networking events
– checking up on project deliverables & timelines
– writing client proposals & quoting project work
– finding and managing third-party vendor support
– assisting with brand, competitive, and/or market research
– guiding client conversations to advance projects


– excellent English and Chinese ability
– 3+ years of marketing experience
– great at telling stories
– very detailed (borderline OCD)
– care about doing the job right
– can self-manage a workload
– like variety in your work
– look for ways to do things better
– understand how to scale a business
– love team play and friendships
– free-thinker, speak your mind
– easy-going, gregarious, love to laugh


– competitive salary, depends on experience
– 13th month bonus payout
– flexible work hours & location
– paid sick & vacation days
– health, pension, & labor insurance
– new Apple MacBook computer

Sound like you?

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