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Website Best-Practice Standards

Design to Security, We Build Them Right

Responsive Web Design
Look beautiful on any device from mobile and tablet to desktop and super desktop displays.
Branded Web Experience
Fully aligned to your brand identity — logo, color, type, graphics — it's all you.
Clear Information Architecture
Highly organized content hierarchy, messaging, and call-to-actions drive conversions.
Modern, Clean, Simplistic
Slick designs with consistent spacing, animated interactions, and clean user interfaces.
Friendly Site Editor Access
Directly edit website content through a browser without technical knowledge or skills.
Data-Driven Content (CMS)
Easily add and manage structured data like new blog articles, case studies, reviews, and job listings.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Optimized content for proper indexing by Google, Bing, and other search engines.
Custom Web Forms
Custom-tailored forms to collect new leads and key information from visitors.
Security & Performance
Fast Page Speed
Clean, compressed code, vector-based graphics, and optimized imagery for quick page loading.
Privacy & Compliance
Clear terms of use, privacy policy, and cookies consent popup for GDPR & PDPR compliance.
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Secure technology for establishing encrypted connections between server and client.
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
CDN provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers fast server response time worldwide.
Website Design Process

We Guide You Through Every Step


Collect Info

Define overall objectives and requirements.
Level™ — Web Design Process, Collect Info
  • 1
    Review Goals & Objectives
  • 2
    Learn Audience & Competitors
  • 3
    Define Reference Style & Sites


Organize Content

Define and build a sitemap, pages, and sections.
Level™ — Web Design Process, Organize Content
  • 1
    Define Each Page & Section
  • 2
    Create Visual Sitemap
  • 3
    Define Missing Content Pieces


Website Styling

Design a modern layout matching your brand.
Level™ — Web Design Process, Website Styling
  • 1
    Design Website Mockup
  • 2
    Create Clickable Prototype
  • 3
    Confirm Website Styling


Create Content

Unique copy, photos, graphics, or videos.
Level™ — Web Design Process, Create Content
  • 1
    Create Headline & Body Copy
  • 2
    Design Custom Iconology
  • 3
    Create Photo & Video Assets


Build Backend

CMS to allow staff to update and manage content.
Level™ — Web Design Process, Build Backend
  • 1
    Build Custom Backend (CMS)
  • 2
    Import or Create All Content
  • 3
    Integrate Third-Party Services


Test & Launch

Connect custom domains, test, and deploy site.
Level™ — Web Design Process, Test & Launch
  • 1
    Link to Custom Domains
  • 2
    Configure Site Hosting
  • 3
    Set Up Redirects
Level™ — Elytone Website Case Study
“Level proved to be a reliable partner with unquestionable professionalism. Their performance and quality of output was impressive.”
Project Manager, Elytone

Elytone needed an easy-to-edit website to showcase its electronic component catalog and generate new sales leads.

Built with Webflow

GABI+SKIN™ needed a modern, clean store design to feature its coffee-infused skincare products and convert visitors into loyal customers.

Built with Shopify
Level™ — GABI+SKIN Website Case Study
“The store design matches our brand philosophy of staying simple and elegant. We love it!"
Co-Founder, GABI+SKIN™
Website CMS Platforms

We Build Upon the Best

Webflow Web Building Platform
  • CMS Site Collaborator Access
  • 100% Customizable UI / UX
  • Highly Scalable Architecture
  • Performance & SEO Optimized
  • Secure Hosting SSL & CDN
Shopify Web Building Platform
  • Best-in-Class E-Commerce
  • Easy Catalog Management
  • Rich Third-Party App Market
  • Fast, Reliable Performance
  • Secure Hosting SSL & CDN
Wordpress Web Building Platform
  • Open Source Framework
  • Rich Plugin Marketplace
  • Easy-to-Understand & Use
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Highly Scalable & Extensible
Frequent Questions

We Are Here to Help

What do we need to prepare to get started?
The most important starting point is centered around clearly defining the purpose and goal your website needs to serve. We will craft all other intention around that objective. We will organize the site content, hierarchy, messaging, and key call-to-actions to support and measure that high-level objective.
Can you build from a website template?
Yes! A great way to start building a new site may be from a pre-existing template available from Webflow, Shopify, or WordPress. This can provide some basic framework to create the site and will often expedite the overall process. There still will need to be quite a lot of effort put into making sure you fill the template with clear, on-brand messaging and content to convert visitors into customers.
Can you help us create content?
Of course! We will help you create original copy, photography, graphics, illustrations, iconography, and video that gives your website a unique flare and speaks to your audience. These are the subtle things that separate a good site from an excellent one. We want you to stand out and look fantastic.
How long does it take to build a website?
The amount of time required to build a site is dependent upon the scope of work required. There are many different kinds of websites, some that sell products, some that have more complex database functionality, and some that are just a few basic static pages. They all take different amounts of time, but this is something we have become good at estimating. Get in touch with us and we can discuss timing based on your specific project requirements.
What web platforms do you build on?
We primarily build websites on established publishing platforms including Webflow, Shopify, and WordPress. We have used other platforms as well, however these are our go-to tools that we've found great success utilizing.
How do we get a web project started?
Get in touch with us via email at, or you can try getting started with our project form here. Just get in touch with us, and we'll guide you the rest of the way.
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We are a nimble, multi-disciplinary team headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. We offer comprehensive brand strategy, visual identity, website design, content, and marketing services.

We believe every detail matters, and that staying simple helps cut noise and increase signal, ensuring a brand's message is heard loud and clear.

Our mission is to build brands that turn heads and connect to the hearts and minds of people.

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