— A skincare brand infused with coffee extract to revitalize and rejuvenate you.

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    Taipei, Taiwan
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    Branding & Web Design
GABI+SKIN is a Level side project founded and operated by the Level Interactive team. It started after Mandy's homemade coffee scrub became a huge hit with friends and family. We wanted to create a brand identity for skincare to emphasize the natural ingredients and healing qualities of skincare products sourced locally using a minimal amount of preservatives and ingredients.
One challenge we wanted to tackle was the perception of Taiwanese brands being of inferior quality, so we created a premium look and feel through a minimalist visual identity, earthy colors, and subtle typography, resulting in a home-grown brand that is now getting global attention. The brand sells primarily offline, however has opened retail locations in Taiwan.
Packaging Design
3D Modeling
Branding Guideline

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