Lola Von Vega

— A fashion brand that creates accessories for urban chic.

  • Company
    Lola Von Vega
  • Location
    Hong Kong
  • Industry
    Fashion & Accessories
  • Services
    Branding & Visual Identity
Lola Von Vega was founded by an ambitious executive in Hong Kong with a passion for dance. She approached us looking to create a visual identity for a fashion brand inspired by the dance world, with accessory designs that take a page from dance costumes but can be worn on a night out or at a stylish office.
We developed a brand strategy and visual identity that fell in line with the brand's mission of promoting bold self-expression in women, resulting in a cohesive identity that brings the company's mission and founder's vision to life. Lola Von Vega uses vibrant, colorful brand expressions to express style and positivity.
Packaging Design
Brand Element
Product Tag Design
Graphic Motifs
Brand Guideline

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