Brand Strategy — Visual Identity — Brand Guidelines

Predator is an Acer sub-brand born with the intent of creating best-in-class experiences for hardcore PC gamers. As a new gaming brand entering a crowded and competitive market, we needed to create an identity that not only stood out from the competition, but positioned Predator to shine above them.

While our founding members were employed at Acer, we undertook the challenge to build the Predator identity with a simple and edgy visual system, using custom digital art throughout its marketing communications.

The digital art featured an alien-like tribe in each piece with the Predator logo. With dozens of wild alien worlds showing these characters conquering and claiming victory across the universe, we broke free from the competition who primarily used video game art in their communications—making them all feel the same. The custom Predator artwork helped the brand stand out through a new angle to attract PC gamers.

In just a few years, Predator has risen as a top PC gaming brand and continues to conquer new worlds.

Brand Strategy — Visual Identity — Brand Guidelines


Brand Strategy — Visual Identity — Brand Guidelines