— is a platform that allows users to borrow and lend NFTs in exchange for Ethereum.

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    Sumeria Labs
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    New York, New York
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    NFT, DeFi, & Blockchain
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    Branding & Web Design
Founded in tandem with Sumeria Labs in 2022, Zumer is the first platform to offer financial services on the Sumeria Labs platform. Zumer is a service that allows users to borrow and lend NFTs for digital currency. The name “Zumer” is derived from the word “Sumer,” the native residents of the Sumerian civilization.
Like the Sumers who lived in Sumeria, Zumer will reside in Sumeria Labs’ Metaverse platform. In addition, Zumer is a play on words because it sounds like “Zoomer.” This double entendre symbolizes Zumer’s connection with Generation Z, the first age of people born as digital natives.
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Peak Amplification

Peak Amplification is a provider of turnkey amplification solutions, offering its customers the flexibility to innovate more freely and cost-effectively.


Zumer allows digital asset owners to loan their NFTs in exchange for digital currency.

Sumeria Labs

Sumeria Labs is building the infrastructure to support a decentralized finance (DeFi) system for the NFT market.
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